About Me

Hi. I’m Cheryl Adams Richkoff. I write, teach, edit, and dream.

I’ve always sought to blend a life of the mind with adventure, and from an early age. In addition to holding two master’s degrees and candidacy in a third, I was once shipwrecked, spent two years as a newspaper editor, was a student stunt pilot in Australia, lived “down under” in Australia and New Zealand for more than two years, and explored Russia and its history and culture for two decades. I was a 2010 recipient of the prestigious Jamestowne Fellowship. I am a fourteenth-generation Virginian and love all things 17th century Virginia.

I am busily writing about all the above. Adventurous, racy, and thought-provoking, if you go for those sorts of things.

Eclectic. Curious. Still in possession of a lengthy bucket list.

I also teach history and English to undergraduates. Currently I am an adjunct instructor in both disciplines at Central Virginia Community College. I do my best to present lectures and course materials that compel students to put down their smart phones and listen. My favorite comment from a student: “Prof. Rychkov, we love you because you let us be ourselves and you show us things no one else does.”

That’s high praise in my book.

On the writing and publishing front: I am currently finishing up my first book. Part historical narrative, part monograph, Mr. Witt’s School Bus deals with a pivotal moment in the history of rural living, education, and the creation of a cooperative, diverse community in 1920s-50s Virginia. I was invited to present my research on the book at the 2015-16 Lynchburg College Senior Symposium.

In August 2016 I was equally honored to speak about Mr. Witt’s School Bus with Sarah McConnell, host of the NPR program, With Good Reason. Check this website for the upcoming air date.

Other current writing projects include a memoir on my life and times in Australia twenty years ago. Titled Double Edge Down Under, it is the first in a trio of unexpected, sometimes scandalous life adventures in exotic locales.

Cheryl Adams Richkoff


English composition, academic writing, remedial reading and writing, business writing and communication, preparing students for employment, rhetoric, world literature, British literature, Russian literature, American literature, and comparative literature. Western Civilization, U.S. History, Seventeenth and eighteenth century British and American social and cultural history, print culture, Russian and Soviet social and cultural history, transatlantic questions of identity, self-fashioning, and reputation.

Eight years experience teaching college English and history. Campus and online courses, diverse demographic. Experience as academic advisor as well.

M.A. Candidate, History, Lynchburg College; GPA 3.6

M.A. 2008 English Literature, Longwood University; GPA 3.6
Master’s Thesis: “Manacled Desires: William Blake’s Struggle for Sexual Autonomy”

M.L.I.S. Archives and Preservation 2006, University of South Carolina; GPA 3.75

B.A. 2005 History, Concentrations in Russian Studies and Art History, Randolph-Macon Woman’s College; GPA, 3.41

Jamestowne Society Fellowship, 2010

“By Wayse Subtil & wth whorish Trickery: Female Subterfuge and Male Complicity in Early Colonial Virginia.”
University of North Carolina Graduate History Conference, March 2010, Charlotte, North Carolina.

“Thieving Whores Transformed: Female Reinvention and Reputation in Colonial Virginia.”
Virginia Humanities Conference, March 2010, Staunton ,Virginia.

“By Wayse Subtil & wth Trickery: Female Subterfuge and Male Complicity in Early Colonial Virginia.”
Phi Alpha Theta Regional Conference, March 2010, Lynchburg, Virginia. Most Outstanding Graduate Paper for American History.

“Thieving Whores and Goodwyves: Female Reinvention and Reputation in Colonial Virginia.”
Virginia Social Sciences Association Conference, March 2009, Petersburg, Virginia.

“Whores and Bawds to Goodwyves: Female Reinvention and Reputation in Colonial Virginia”
Phi Alpha Theta Regional Conference, February 2009, Bridgewater, Virginia. First Prize for Graduate Paper.

“Toward Reunion: William Blake’s Gender Philosophy.”
Pivotal Moments Series, November, 2007. Farmville, Virginia.

“Capturing the Ephemeral: The Challenges of Preserving Dance on Film”
School of Library and Information Sciences Preservation Seminar, June 2005. Columbia, South Carolina.

“Visions in Lilac: A journey through the Alexander Palace and the lives of the last Imperial Romanovs”
Russian Literature and Culture Travel Seminar, February 2007. Lynchburg, Virginia.


“Banished Prodigy: The life and work of American poet, Phillis Wheatley.” Africa House Lecture Series, April 2016, Lynchburg, Virginia

“Mr. Witt’s School Bus.” 2015-16 Lynchburg College Senior Symposium Lecturer, October 2015, Lynchburg, Virginia.

“Manacled Desires: William Blake’s Struggle for Sexual Autonomy.” 2008-09 Lynchburg College Faculty Lecture Series, March 2009, Lynchburg, Virginia.

“Doors of Necessity: Moll Flanders & c. Inspire Female Transatlantic Migration.” 2010-2011 Lynchburg College Faculty Lecture Series, March 2011, Lynchburg, Virginia


Literary Criticism

Special Topics, Poets: Chaucer

British Romantics

The Gothic

Studies in Shakespeare

Transatlantic Romanticism

Eighteenth-Century Satire

Modern/Contemporary American Literature

Ethnic Literature


Research Methods Women of the Americas

Historiography Age of Discovery and Imperialism

The Atlantic World French and Indian/Seven Years’ War

Independent Study: Colonial Virginia Women American Federal to Early Ante-Bellum

The Long English Reformation

Independent Study: Gender Issues/Ancient World

Independent Study: Russia’s Tsar Alexander II and the rise of Terrorism

Delta Education (Miller Motte Online)

Instructor of English

October 2012- January 2016

English Composition I and II

Business Communication and Writing

Remedial English

Central Virginia Community College

Instructor of History and English – Campus Based and Online Instructor (Part time)

August 2012-present

History 101, 102 (Western Civilization)

History 121,122 (U.S. History)

English 111,112 (English composition)

Virginia University of Lynchburg

Instructor of English and History – Campus Based and Online Instructor (Full time)

August 2011-May 2013

English 262 (American literature)

History 111, 112 (American history)

Trained to deliver courses in Blackboard and Moodle software

Served on the Curriculum Development Committee, Textbook Committee, Library Committee, and Academic Awards Committee. Served as academic advisor, mentored struggling students, helping them formulate and complete academic success plans. Dealt with considerable classroom behavior issues and resolutions that pointed the student to success.

Averett University

English and History Adjunct

December 2008-May 2012

English 111 (English Composition I)

English 112 (English Composition II)

History 101, 102 (Western Civilization)

BSA 314 (Business writing and communication)

Lynchburg College

English Adjunct

September 2008-May 2010

English 111 (English Composition I)

English 112 (English Composition II)

Served on curriculum development committee for English composition, participated in assessments of English composition and intro to literature student papers, interviewed scholarship students, participated in service training for college curriculum development program (Lynchburg College Seminar Readings).

Lynchburg Academy of Fine Arts production, HerStory


Lynchburg, Virginia

September 2006-September 2007

  • Conducted traditional and electronic research dealing with the lives of Virginia women, from 16th-20st centuries Organized and compiled research
  • Assisted producer with selection of stories/characters
  • Assisted with editing of final script
  • Intern

    Maier Museum of Art at R-MWC, Lynchburg, Virginia

    May-July 2003

    • Developed, recommended, and implemented R-MWC Main Hall art installation and program
    • Gathered, interpreted, and prepared data for research and preservation records
    • Maintained good public relations and contacts with other art museums
    • Served as staff support for museum directors and researchers
    • Developed and maintained good relations with the collection’s artists
    • Distributed advertising and marketing materials and promotional literature
    • Developed information and coordinated with director and researchers
    • Participated in special museum events, welcoming and directing visitors
    • Compiled, classified, tabulated, and recorded data collected from special studies
    • Aided in the analysis of research material and data
    • Wrote and edited research reports, copy for speeches, and brochures
    • Assisted in directing volunteer staff
    • Assisted in curatorial work
    Contributing Editor/Reporter

    Times-Virginian Newspaper, Appomattox, Virginia

    August 1999-July 2001

    • Provided leadership and direction in the development of short and long-range plans and projects, gathered, interpreted and prepared data for stories
    • Coordinated activities with Town, County, and private sector as needed
    • Developed stories: from ideas to interviews, writing and editing
    • Maintained bank of story ideas
    • Provided leadership, direction, creation, and production of special projects, including the 75th Anniversary of Appomattox section
    • Maintained contact with and possessed thorough knowledge of Appomattox area community, including governmental, civic, social and religious communities
    • Developed and maintained good relationships with civic/governmental agencies, including the National Park Service, local and regional charitable organizations
    • Served as newspaper liaison and volunteer representative for special events in the community and region
    • Participated in career development seminars
    • Developed and maintained good relations with diverse members of local population
    • Conducted research and developed information required for news stories, including statistical research
    • Developed and produced layout and design for between 3-6 pages of weekly newspaper
    • Served as staff support for Editor and General Manager
    • Created, edited, and prepared photographs for publication
    • Served as newspaper representative at civic and charitable events, meetings, and seminars

Opera Guild, Opera of the James (2013-present), Legacy Museum (2004), Central Virginia Crisis Line (2003-04), AWAG (1999-2001), Maier Museum of Art (2003), Appomattox National Historical Park (Docent) (1990-91), R-MWC Gold Key Tour Guide (2002-03), Calvert Marine Museum (1992) Girl Scouts (1992-94), 4-H (1998-2001), Appomattox Elementary School (1990-91), Friends of the Lynchburg Library (2004-05), Chrysler Museum of Art (1983-85), City of Norfolk (participant and organizer of annual Lighted Boat Parade) (1986-1989), American Cancer Society (1999-2000), United Way (2000-06), Longwood Players (1981-82), Waterworks Players (1979-81).


American Library Association, Association of American University Women, Berkshire Conference on Women’s History, Southern Association of Women Historians, Northeastern American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies, Phi Alpha Theta, Alpha Sigma Lambda, Lambda Iota Tau, Jamestowne Society, Colonial Dames of America XVII, Huguenot Society, Daughters of the American Revolution/Poplar Forest Chapter, Junior League of Lynchburg, American Historical Association, Hill City Fencers, Lynchburg Historical Foundation, Randolph-Macon Woman’s College Allumnae, Lynchburg Chapter, West Australian Aviation Club (1996-97).

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